Rinse Kit is the Portable Shower You Didn’t Know You Needed

Rinse Kit is the Portable Shower You Didn’t Know You Needed

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When you attend a trade show like Outdoor Retailer there are always plenty of products that fail to impress or deliver on their full potential. There are also some that come as a complete surprise, blowing away your expectations with their style and ingenuity. That happens to be the case with Rinse Kit, a portable, pressurized shower system that doesn’t require pumping or power of any kind. 

The Rinse Kit is filled using any standard outside water spigot. The included hose attaches to the end of that spigot and not only collects water, but also maintains a high level of pressure too. That pressure is what provides the surprisingly strong stream from the device when you use it. In fact, the Rinse Kit is capable of shooting a focused stream for a longer distance than you would expect, making it a great option for not just hosing yourself down after a long day on the trail, but also washing kayaks, bikes, and pets too. There is even an adapter available for your home faucet that allows you to fill the Rinse Kit with warm water, providing a hot shower wherever you might need one. 


The fact that the Rinse Kit works so well without the need for batteries or a pump of any kind is very impressive. The water shoots out of the nozzle with enough power to easily blast dirt, mud, and grime from just about any surface. The company says that it takes about four minutes of constant spraying to go through the entire two gallon tank, but considering how well this works, that tank should actually last you quite a long time in real world use. 

The product is available now for $89.99. Find out more at RinseKit.com