Pack Like A Pro: Ultrarunner Adam Chase

Pack Like A Pro: Ultrarunner Adam Chase


Ultrarunner Adam Chase’s athletic career started at a young age when he started playing soccer and skiing. Later he would move on to wrestling, rugby, cross-country, triathlon, snowshoeing, adventure racing, and long distance running too. He has competed as a professional at the national and international level in more than 100 events of marathon distance or longer, notching 25 victories along the way. Over the years, he has served as the President of the All American Trail Running Association, the editor of numerous running publications, and as a brand ambassador for some of our favorite outdoor gear companies. He as also tested and reviewed more than 1000 pairs of shoes and counting.

Recently, we had the chance to talk to Adam to find out more about his favorite gear, what he’s excited about for the future, and what he’ll be doing for the summer.


Gear Institute: Hi Adam. Thanks for taking some time to chat with us today. Can you tell us what you have on your schedule for the weeks ahead?

Adam Chase: I’m heading to Malaysia to do a run/swim race next week and then, in early June, I get to play “counselor” instead of “counsel” at the Eleven Salomon Running Experience Camp in Crested Butte. It’s a trail running excursion that trail runners will love.

GI: Crested Butte should be a great place to be in June. Sounds very interesting. What are your favorite pieces of gear that you like to take with you when you hit the trail?

AC: I always carry a headlamp, with me. The Petzl NAO or Tikka RXP are my favorites, although I’m testing the Tikka REACTIK+ and it certainly features some nice extra features, like programmable, battery-saving modes.


I’ll also throw some Justin’s Nut Butters (Honey Peanut and Maple Almond) in my pack. As a vegetarian, it is important to have handy protein and it always helps when it tastes so good and goes down easily, even during a long run or race.

Of course, couple of Buffs for head and neck protection during cold mornings or to wear under a headlamp are always useful too.


GI: And what about the gear from your sponsors? What are your favorite items from Salomon?

AC: I’m a big fan of Salomon Sense Pro 2. They’re the perfect shoes to pack because they work well for most any surface and any distance. The S-Lab ADV Skin 5Set pack is also great, as it allows for all-day outings with plenty of hydration and carrying capacity without any bulk. And I never set out on a run without my S-Lab Hybrid Jacket for protection against the weather and strategic breathability. It is light enough that I don’t think twice about bringing it with me wherever I go.


GI: Do you have any packing tricks that you’ve learned from your travels over the years?

AC: It is always good to use a duffel bag with shoulder straps that is carry-on sized but still has adequate compartments to keep the wet or sweaty shoes and apparel away from items that you want to remain dry and or odor free. I use a variety of stuff sacks to segregate the main storage space and keep things relatively organized. I am anti-roller because it annoys me to no end when people block the escalator or block me in airports with their rolling luggage, like clueless hikers who walk their dogs on leashes, clogging the trails as though they were obstacles to be hurdled.


GI: We can certainly relate! What is the one piece of gear that you’re really excited about?

AC: I can’t wait to try the new carbon fiber one-piece poles from Black Diamond, releasing this fall.

GI: Us either! They look like they’re going to be great. Anything else you’d like to share?

AC: Just that we will be focusing on some of the newest and best gear, and different training and racing plans, including nutrition and running techniques at the Eleven Salomon Running Experience Camp in Crested Butte in early June. Myself, along with five other Salomon teammates, will serve as counselors for attendees, who will learn a lot about trail running and fitness along the way.

Thanks for your time Adam and good luck at adult summer camp for trail runners!