The Best Men's Winter Hiking Boots

Boots for hiking in the winter are a unique product. They differ from snow boots, which are traditionally just a very well insulated slip-on style that doesn’t usually provide the best support and are ideal for shoveling the driveway or milling about town. But for hiking a significant distance through the snow or in cold weather, users are looking for a boot that provides a little more insulation than a standard hiking or backpacking boot. One aspect to consider is to not have too much insulation where their feet get too hot while pounding out the miles. Like snow boots, it’s nice when winter hiking boots come up a little higher to help prevent snow from getting in the boot and users are often using snowshoes with these boots and look for features to accommodate that use.

Wearing a hiking or backpacking boot that aligns perfectly to your individual hiking style is one of the most critical factors in determining your comfort level on, and enjoyment of, all the wonderful trails out there. A good hiking or backpacking boot, provides the support and protection your feet and ankles require and limits potential for foot or ankle discomfort or injury. Insulated boots must walk a fine line between keeping you warm and keeping you from sweating, which will quickly cause discomfort on frigid days.

Dive into our reviews below comparing individual products. This way, you’ll be able to confidently choose the perfect footgear to match your specific needs.

Review Year
Best in Class
Overall Rating
Name Overall Rating Ratings The Good The Bad Price
MUCK Peak Hardcore
Best in Class
Support & Stability 7
Quality & Construction 6
Comfort 7
Weight 9
Protection 7

Outstanding waterproofness

Great traction in snow and ice

Comfortable and warm

Superb craftsmanship

Hard to get the ankle laced snugly

Poor edging/technical winter use


Wolverine Gauge Boot
Support & Stability 4
Quality & Construction 5
Comfort 8
Weight 7
Protection 8
Value 4

Very comfortable, with good traction on rocks, snow and ice

Very warm and waterproof

Light for an insulated boot

Nice features for snowshoeing

The high tops (8 inches) aren’t ideal for hiking boots

Feet can get clammy during high activity levels

Use of eyelets for laces which made it harder to get on and off or adjust

The price is a bit high

MUCK Peak Hardcore

The MUCK Peak Hardcore boots provide superior protection against cold and wet winter conditions. The extra thick insulation, total waterproofing above the ankle and good traction really set the MUCK Peak Hardcore boots apart. This is not a technical winter mountaineering boot for kicking steps in icy snow.

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