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SylvanSport and Goal Zero have announced that they are joining force to create a fully-integrated solar kit for the GO camping trailer. The system was developed as part of Goal Zero’s Solar Ready Program, and has been built from the ground up to bring portable power to the world of mobile travel.

The solar kit is called the Sunny Side Up, and it includes a number of key products from the Goal Zero catalog. For instance, the Yeti 400 Solar Generator stores power that is generated from the sun while connected to two included Boulder 30 solar panel. That energy can then be used to run or recharge various devices via the Yeti’s multiple power outlets, which include two USB ports and two standard AC wall outlets as well. Additionally, Goal Zero’s Light-a-Life 350 LED lights are used to illuminate the interior of the GO trailer as well. 

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Each of these individual products already work well with the trailer, but the Sunny Side Up kit allows owners to integrate the system in a seamless fashion. For instance, secure mounting brackets place the solar panels on the top of the trailer, where they can get maximum exposure to the sun at all times. Meanwhile a quick release storage bracket for the Yeti 400 generator is placed inside the GO’s storage pod, keeping it out of the way while simultaneously allowing quick access when needed. Additional extension cables make it a breeze to plug in your gadgets too.

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Once installed – either by yourself or an authorized SylvanSport dealer, the kit should be able to provide hours of power while living off the grid. The solar panels have the ability to collect light from the sun on all but the cloudiest of days, and the Yeti can store that power for use when you reach the campsite. The Sunny Side Up doesn’t come cheap however as the full kit will set you back $1299. Still, those looking to enjoy their camp outings to the fullest will definitely see the benefit of adding this solar option to their GO trailers.

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