Kinetik Newton Bouldering Pad Review

February 24, 2017
Kinetik Newton Bouldering Pad
kinetik_newton-1 Kinetik Newton
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Foam Quality
Shell Durability
Carrying System

The Good

  • Heavy duty shell construction
  • Comfortable carrying system
  • Military-grade vinyl protection flap
  • Hybrid hinge design

The Bad

  • Foam combination was too firm
  • Cumbersome closure system
  • Industrial Velcro overkill
  • Expensive

The Kinetik Newton Bouldering Pad is loaded with bells and whistles for the climber who wants it all and is willing to pay the price. The Newton Deluxe has the most burly shell material and construction as well as the best carrying system of the pads tested. Where the Newton Deluxe falls short is their proprietary Omni Flap system. Despite all of its bells and whistles, most testers found the Newton Deluxe to be more pad than they needed or wanted.


Foam Quality
The Kinetik Newton Bouldering Pad boasted the most firm foam among the pads in the test. It has 2” of open cell foam with a 110 ILD rating, 1” of cross linked polyethylene foam for ground protection, and 1” of high density polyethylene for impact dispersion. Despite having the most firm foam in the test, our testers remarked that it was too jarring for short falls. Most testers liked it much better for the impact protection on falls above six feet. It is also worth noting that Kinetik uses a single top sheet of the 1” high density polyethylene to eliminate any gaps in their hybrid hinge design.

Shell Durability
The Kinetik Newton Bouldering Pad raises durability to the next level by using 1680d nylon for the shell and 1000d nylon for the landing zone. Kinetik also includes a high grade upholstery carpet on the landing zone for cleaning shoes which testers liked. Some testers also liked the military grade waterproof vinyl flap in the Omni Flap system, but most testers thought it was overkill.

The Kinetik Newton Bouldering Pad scored lower compared to other pads in the functionality test. Most testers noted that despite all the features of the Newton Deluxe, they would prefer a simpler pad. Most of the testers commented that the Omni Flap system and the industrial Velcro used were cumbersome, stating that the Omni Flap “got in the way” or was sloppy. Other testers remarked the Velcro caused annoyances like getting stuck to the carpet in the trunk of their car.

Carrying System
The Newton Bouldering Pad carrying system is unique in that it is very similar to one you would find on an expedition backpack. It has contoured shoulder straps, a sternum strap and load lifter straps combined with a webbing waistbelt to make for a comfortable ride when carrying heavy loads. Also, there is no modular system in place to carry extra pads with the Newton Deluxe. This was the only pad in the test to include a more sophisticated harness system.

The Newton Bouldering Pad uses their unique Omni Flap closure system not only to hold gear while hiking to the crag but also to cover the shoulder straps when in use, reducing any trip hazard. This made it easier to move along with two grab handles on either side of the landing zone. Testers liked the Newton Deluxe for flat landings, but thought the Omni Flap system wasn’t intuitive or was a hindrance for curved or uneven landings. Also, the slightly heavier weight of the pad was noted as a factor in its maneuverability.

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