G.Loomis PRO4x 1088-4 Saltwater Review

May 6, 2016
G.Loomis PRO4x 1088-4 Saltwater
G.Loomis PRO4x 1088-4 Saltwater gloomis-pro4x-saltwater
Fit in Hand / Grip
Casting Distance
Casting Accuracy
Fish-on performance

The Good

  • Versatile
  • Good accuracy
  • Better than average distance
  • Reasonable price
  • Made in the USA

The Bad

  • Lacked power to combat windy conditions
  • Felt soft when tied into big fish
  • Less sensitive in feeling the strike

The G.Loomis PRO4x Saltwater is an American-made saltwater rod selling for under $400. That alone sets it apart. But it also performs remarkably well in most situations, and beats out the most expensive rods in some areas—versatility, casting accuracy and close-in performance for instance. It does lack some sensitivity and power compared to others in the class, but not enough to set it back too much.


The G.Loomis PRO4x Saltwater builds on Loomis’ outstanding PRO4x line-up. This series offers great prices and premium-quality rods, made in the company’s Woodland, Washington factory.  The Saltwater tackled everything from shy bonefish off the shores of Kauaii to hard-hitting sea-run cutthroat in Puget Sound. I cast surface poppers to silver salmon and jigged crabs in front of reef fish in Hawaii, and the Loomis rod handled all I asked of it.

Fit and feel
The Saltwater continues the PRO4x style of an olive green finish on the road, with deep full-wells cork grips. The reel seat on the Saltwater is a matt-black anodized aluminum with deeply gnarled lock nut. The fighting butt is a bit short at just ¾-inch to provide leverage when fighting big, powerful fish like salmon or carp. But it works well when just a little extra ‘umph’ is needed to wrestle small silvers or reef fish.

Distance and Accuracy
The PRO4x Saltwater shines when casting under 60-70 feet and working those closer-in fish. When trying to reach greater distances, or push line through strong winds, the G.Loomis doesn’t match up to the performance of other rods in the class, but it doesn’t do too bad—longer casts just require significantly more skill and effort. Of course, accuracy falls off with that great distance, too, but for those mid-range casts, the G.Loomis can toss a fly exactly where you want it.

General performance
When most of my casts were targeting fish in short in medium ranges, I found the G.Loomis PRO4x Saltwater to be everything I wanted in a salt rod. Easy to cast, accuracy and able to reach where I wanted. But when successful fishing required repeated long casts over expansive stretches of open water, I found myself reaching for a more powerful option (such as the Sage SALT). Keeping it to its sweetspot, though, and I happily fished the G.Loomis PRO4x Saltwater all day long while wading the sandy strands of Kauaii’s northeastern shore.


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