Eureka! Curvy Chair with Side Table Review

July 24, 2015
Eureka! Curvy Chair with Side Table
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Eureka! Curvy Chair with Side Table Eureka CCST 2 Eureka CCST 3 Eureka CCST 4 Eureka CCST 5 Eureka CCST 12 Eureka CCST 11 Eureka CCST 10 Eureka CCST 9 Eureka CCST 8 Eureka CCST 7 Eureka CCST 6
Ease of Use

The Good

  • Stable
  • Moderately reclined
  • Side table

The Bad

  • Takes a while to dry
  • Pocket gets stuck on setup
  • Pricy

The Eureka! Curvy Chair is a comfortable and relaxing feature rich chair. While the side table takes one extra step to set up (compared to most of the other chairs in the test), it’s well worth the effort and is a stand-out feature.


Ease of Use
The Eureka! Curvy Chair slides right out of its storage bag and the chair itself pops open. There are two gotchas to watch out for while setting up. First, the side pocket that hangs from the seat gets caught in the frame as the chair unfolds and needs to be pulled out each time (if you want to use the pocket) and if the chair twists at all during setup, the lower seat bar can miss its support groove. The little side table is unattached while stored and pops on after the chair is set up. The storage bag rolls up to fit into the smaller pocket to help avoid losing it. To stow the chair, the little side table takes a good whack from underneath to remove it from the chair and the storage bag is roomy enough so the chair and table slide right in.

Eureka! designed a comfortable amount of recline in the chair to make for a very relaxed sitting position. It has the most recline of all the chairs in this test. The open mesh back rest and a layer of mesh on the seat allows for some airflow to keep cool in the summer and the mesh fabric, which also covers the hard armrests, feels comfortable against the skin. One tester complained that the rounded armrests were uncomfortable because his arm would roll off of them. I rarely put my arm down the full length of any arm rest and didn’t have a problem. Shorter testers were concerned with the seat of the chair being too deep as the front edge of the seat pressed into the backs of their knees. This chair does not drain very well if you leave out in the rain. Water soaks into the foam on the seat and hides under the mesh so you won’t know it’s wet until you sit on it. The side table makes it easy to reach for drinks or a plate of food while sitting in the chair, though could be placed a little further forward for a slightly more ergonomic reach.

The Curvy Chair is sturdy and well made. The powder coated steel frame has a very stable geometry and all of the joints have held up to our testing. The fabric of the chair is a double stitched nylon surrounding a 3D spacer mesh on the interior of the seat and backrest and is holding together nicely without any stitching coming undone or fraying of fabric.

The side table on one side of the chair and stash pocket on the other are great features. The hard armrests (despite being round) are also very nice to have and they make the Eureka! Curvy Chair one of our favorites.

The Curvy Chair is well suited for use in various environments. The open mesh backing and mesh lined seat provide some breathability for warmer environments along with the soft fabric feel to bare skin. That said, the padded seat provides some insulation for cooler weather. The knobby feet sink into softer ground so at the beach this might be more of a low rider than a full height chair. The single non-adjustable sling on the carry bag is fine for short hauls, but not great for longer treks across the parking lot and to the festival grounds while carrying a full load in your arms.


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