Convert Your Messenger Bag Into A Cooler With This Awesome Insert

Convert Your Messenger Bag Into A Cooler With This Awesome Insert


Now that summer is here, it’s time to think about ways to overcome one of man’s biggest and oldest challenges – how to keep your beverages cold on a warm day. Often times that includes dragging around a big, heavy cooler from one place to another, which is good for a day at the beach or heading to a campout. But what about if you just want to go to the park or head across town to meet friends? Fortunately, there are some options there too. 

Just in time for summer, Tenba has introduced the new BYOB Cooler Insert. This clever product is built to slide into  the company’s line of Messenger Bags, turning them into lightweight, easy to carry coolers, complete with a stainless steel bottle opener and a carabiner attachment.


The BYOB – which stand for Bring Your Own Bag by the way – can carry up to six bottles or 12 cans of your favorite beverage. It is made from a waterproof, insulated fabric that will prevent moisture from leaking into the messenger bag itself, while also keeping your drinks cold for hours at a time. This makes it a convenient option for hauling around cold drinks wherever you need to go without looking like you’re about to get your drink on. 

Best of all, when the weekend is over, and you need to get back to work, you simply pull the insert out, and your messenger bag converts back to work mode, carrying your laptop, lunch, documents, and other important items.

The BYOB Cooler Insert runs $49.95. For more information, visit