AllTrails Expands its Functionality with Acquisition of EveryTrail

AllTrails Expands its Functionality with Acquisition of EveryTrail


Earlier this week AllTrails, an online resource that offers tips on the best places to pursue your favorite outdoor activities, announced that it had acquired EveryTrail from TripAdvisor, who had owned the site since 2011. The merging of the two rival platforms will expand the AllTrails database dramatically, while simultaneously creating an active online community consisting of more than 4 million people, many of whom contribute tips and share information on a monthly basis. 

Founded in 2010, AllTrails has continually strove to become the number one website and app for outdoor enthusiasts. The primary purpose of AllTrails has always been to help us to discover new places to hike, mountain bike, kayak, ski, fish, or do just about any other outdoor activity. Over the past few years, the company’s online community has grown steadily, with more than 1 million people now logging in each month to search for – or share – information. 


EveryTrail offered a similar service for adventurous travelers, giving them a place to discuss their favorite trips and share valuable intel, while also discovering new destinations for future excursions of their own. It had gained a reputation as being a place for savvy travelers to pick up some helpful tips, while also providing excellent GPS data for a host of trails not only in the U.S. but internationally as well. 

The EveryTrails app had seen few updates since it was acquired by TripAdvisor, but its database of treks from around the world remained a valuable resource for many travelers. That information will now be imported into the AllTrails database instead, greatly improving the app’s usefulness while traveling both in the United States and abroad. 


EveryTrail is only the latest outdoor-related app to get snatched up unceremoniously. In recent months we’ve seen a rash of similar acquisitions with the likes of Under Armour purchasing MapMyFitness and Endomondo, Asics grabbed Runkeeper and adidas snagged Runtastic. Hopefully in this case, the combining of data between AllTrails and EveryTrail will prove to be a highly valuable one for all of us who love travel and the outdoors. 

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