Voormi Drift Jacket: All Mid-Layers Should Be This Good

Voormi Drift Jacket: All Mid-Layers Should Be This Good


You’ve heard us espouse the virtues of Voormi before. First when we introduced the Colorado-based company and its approach to “core construction” last year, and then again a month ago when we took a look at how it is challenging conventional wisdom in terms of the way our outdoor gear is manufactured. Both articles talked about Voormi’s unique approach to designing and creating performance apparel, which includes blending merino wool with other high-tech materials to create a product that maintains all of the wonderful qualities that we’ve come to expect from merino, but adds some much needed durability to the mix as well. So how does actual gear from Voormi stack up? We recently took a look at the company’s Drift Jacket, and came away incredibly impressed. 

Designed to be a warm mid-layer, the Drift Jacket features an athletic cut that hugs the body nicely without managing to hinder motion in anyway. It has a classic look that feels just as home roaming around town as it does on a mountain trail. This brings a level of versatility to the jacket that makes it a great option for travel, urban adventures, or just about any outdoor activity that you can think of. 

Entirely made in the U.S.A., the Drift uses what Voormi calls “Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino” as part of its blend of fabrics. This form of wool comes from sheep that have adapted to living at the higher altitudes of the mountains of Colorado, and as a result the fibers are said to be warmer, tougher, and more resilient than standard merino. Those fibers are than blended with polyester, nylon, and lycra to create an even more durable fabric, with the result being a jacket that is very tough on the outside, but incredibly soft and comfortable on the inside. 


All of the features of Voormi’s innovative fabrics are demonstrated very well by the Drift Jacket. Not only is it very comfortable to wear, it is surprisingly lightweight for the amount of warmth that it delivers as well. On top of that, it is very rugged, resisting abrasions, snags, and cuts with ease. In fact, I’ve worn my test model extensively since receiving it, and it still looks like it just came out of the box that it was shipped in. 

Because this jacket is primarily made of merino it offers a high level of performance in terms of breathability, moisture wicking, and temperature control. It is also treated with a DWR coating that adds a level of water resistance too. In fact, one of the more impressive qualities of the Drift is how well moisture simply beads up and rolls off the fabrics, helping to keep the wearer warm and dry in the process. 

The Drift has five pockets – two zippered handwarmers on the front, two spacious cargo pockets on the interior, and a media pocket for your smartphone as well. The media pocket is also located on the interior, sitting at about chest level, and includes a headphone port for connecting your earbuds. This is a nice touch for those of us who carry our mobile devices with us wherever we go. 


Because it is so lightweight and thin, the Drift can be a bit deceiving. In terms of warmth, this is a jacket that punches outside its weight class, delivering nice insulation when the mercury takes a dip. But wear it outside on a warmer day, and you’ll really start to understand just how efficient it is at its job. Make no mistake, it is a great jacket to have in your wardrobe, but you’ll want something a little lighter on those spring and fall transition days. 

Priced at $249 – and available in a women’s version as well – this jacket is somewhat of a stea in my opinionl. It looks great, performs well, and is incredibly warm. What more could you ask for? 

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