Timex’s Fitness Tracker Goes Analog in a Digital World

Timex’s Fitness Tracker Goes Analog in a Digital World


By now, I think we’ve all got a pretty good picture painted in our heads of what a wrist-top activity tracker looks like and is used for. Digital and modern, potentially with ability to pair with our smartphones to deliver us all of the pertinent information we need in our busy lives. I would even go so far as to say as that we might not have even fathomed that they could look any different then what we’ve seen thus far. And then Timex launched the Metropolitan+ activity tracker and suddenly that image changes dramatically.

In form, the Metropolitan+ appeals more to the fashion conscious, but in function it’s just as much of an activity tracker as any other on the market today, with one very big distinguishing characteristic – it has an analog face. Yes, it tracks your movement, sleep, calories burned and distance. It is also water resistant, has a battery that can last more than a year, it pairs with your smartphone. In fact, it is actually more reliant on your smartphone then most other activity trackers on the market today purely because of that analog face.


Is that a deal breaker? Well, I think for some – yes, right off the bat they’ll miss the digestibility of the digital face. But in time – just like reading an analog clock vs. a digital clock – the user will become accustomed to it and possibly even appreciate the Metropolitan+’s more subtle nature. Furthermore, the watch features a fourth hand that does allows users to access all their activity metrics, the phone just happens to show it in a much prettier, digital way.

Priced at $125, with additional straps being offered for $18 to match your needs, the Timex Metropolitan+ is priced right in the ball park with some of the leading activity trackers out there today. Of course none of them look nearly as good as this one does however.