This Just Might Be The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge

This Just Might Be The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge


Stuff sacks have become a blessing and a curse for outdoor lovers. Designed to allow the user to compress clothing and other fluffy bits so they don’t take up too much room in our packs, we often end up struggling with the challenge of keep air out of these sacks. I personally think that it’s a dilemma we can all overcome if we take a little more time with them, but currently this issue ranks in the red zone as a pet peeve for many of us. So when a product like “The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge” by KAISR hits the market – it feels like an act of pure genius, especially since we’re all already proficient at trapping air inside our stuff sacks.

Comfortable and durable, “The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge” is a massive stuff sack made of parachute fabric. To inflate, you open the sack, drag it through the air to fill, and roll the top. From there, you get about six hours of relaxation wherever you decide to use it. For instance, at a concert where you’ve had one too many adult beverages and Dave Matthews is just beginning what feels to be an extra-long version of “Satellite.” Why lay on the grass when there is a better option to be had? Instead, pull “The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge” from its stuff sack, suck in some air, then kick back and relax. When you’re done, open it back up, let the remaining air out, and stuff it back in its sack.


Having raised more than $3.75 million dollars at the time of this article being published, “The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge” can be snagged on KAISR’s Indigogo page for as little as $86 (plus shipping and handling). Other features include: on-board storage pockets, a bottle opener, and lashing points so it can be staked down for those breezy days on the beach.

Available in seven colors, “The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge” is due to start shipping in June. We’re hoping to get a sample and test it out on the best terrains and environments that summer can afford.