If you’re in the market for a pair of shoes that are versatile enough to both hike a trail and be worn to dinner with friends, than you’ll want to check out the latest footwear from Ridgemont Outfitters. The company has just released both Hi and Lo versions of its new Monty shoes, which deftly blends the technical features found in hiking shoes with the fashion sense of something a bit more casual. 

Ridgemont says that the Monty was built for those who live their life in and around urban and outdoor environments. The idea was to create a shoe that can be worn in either setting, without the need to change footwear just because you’ve finished hiking for the day and want to grab a bite to eat or something to drink at your favorite watering hole. To that end, the Monty is capable of handling some tough conditions, but then seamlessly transition to urban settings without missing a beat or adversely standing out in any way. 

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Stacy Lowry, one of the founders of Ridgemont Outfitters, says that your shoes shouldn’t look like you’re preparing to summit Denali when you’re simply out for a day hike. Instead, they should be technical enough to handle everything the trail throws at them, while also being fashionable enough to go unnoticed when you head out on the town. “We don’t want to replace your hard-core hiking boots. We just want you to wear our shoes instead of sneakers when you go camping or on a light hike so you’ll quit falling on your ass.”

The Monty is built on a traditional half-cup outsole and features an exposed EVA midsole for added stability and comfort. Like most of Ridgemonts other shoes, it is made from oiled suede fabrics and high-grade nylon, which add durability to the product as well as enhance its looks. Heel stabilizers provide extra balance when out on the trail, and bring more comfort for both your urban and outdoor adventures.

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The Monty Hi retails for $99, while the Monty Lo – which is designed for shorter heights in mind – costs $95. Both are available now.