These Custom Made Skis Will Completely Blow Your Mind

These Custom Made Skis Will Completely Blow Your Mind

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There is no shortage of gear in my garage, much of which I don’t need. Or more specifically, gear that I never needed. But we all know that sometimes there is just something about a certain piece of equipment that calls to us and makes us just want it no matter what.

That was probably what the designers and marketers at custom ski builder Foil had in mind when they came up with the Oro-Neros, a set of skis that was most definitely designed to inspire lust even in the most jaded of gear hounds.

With its 14-karat gold plated bindings, a topsheet sourced from an 8,000 year-old Bog Oak, and sidewalls made of bamboo and edged with stainless steel, these skis are unlike any other, both in terms of looks and price. To top it off, each set is specifically built for the individual customer, and includes their initials inlaid in gold as well, making them even more unique.

GearSpotter FoilOroNeroGold

The absurdly meticulous construction and materials choices aside, I find myself more fascinated by which resort’s groomers these things will end up on first. My money is on Deer Valley. But Aspen may move the line a bit.

Even more fun to think about is the reaction of the owner when some gaper in the lift line skates across the backs of his or her $50,000 boards. They can retaliate by poking them with the 14-karat gold plated poles that are included in the package too.

Whatever. Tack Strau could shred them in an afternoon. Order your pair at

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