The VaporLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody From Berghaus is Two Jackets in One

The VaporLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody From Berghaus is Two Jackets in One


Looking for a versatile insulated jacket to get you through your outdoor adventures during the colder months of the year? Then look no further than the new Berghaus VaporLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody, a product that has been designed for active use on the trail and actually offers the performance of two jackets in one. 

As the name implies, the Reversible Hoody can be worn in two different ways. While that isn’t necessarily all that unique in and of itself, this hoody actually performs very differently depending on which side of the jacket is facing out. When worn one way, it serves as an excellent insulator that can help keep you warm, while also providing a measure of protection from the wind. But when the jacket is turned inside out, it becomes much more breathable, allowing the wearer to more efficiently vent out heat when they start to become more active. 

This unique design gives the jacket a level of versatility that simply isn’t found in most other competing products. The fact that you can hit the trail with a single jacket, and know that it will perform well no matter the conditions, is a great selling point for sure. But add in the fact that this hoody weights less than 8 ounces, and you can really see why Berghaus is so excited about the possibilities that it delivers. And because it is highly packable, and even comes with its own stuff-sack, you’ll be hard pressed to leave it at home no matter where you’re going. 


Filled with about 40 grams of Berghaus’ proprietary Hydroloft Elite synthetic insulation, the jacket is meant to keep you warm, without being overly bulky. It is designed to be used by trail runners, cold weather hikers, mountaineers, and mountain bikers as a good layer of insulation when temperatures start to drop. But with the option to reverse the jacket to vent out excess heat when the need arises.

The jacket is equipped with a stretchy hood designed to fit over a helmet, as well as stretch bond cuffs and hem that allow the wearer to move freely and without restrictions, even when undertaking aerobic activities. The hoody also features two hand-warming pockets, which are only available when worn in the warmest configuration. When the jacket is reversed to become more breathable, those pockets move to the inside, and thus aren’t as easily accessible. I personally would have liked to have seen hand pockets on both sides of the jacket, but that is a minor quibble all things considered. 

The Vaporlight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody is available now at a price of $220. Considering the level of performance it delivers, particularly at such an incredibly light weight, I see this as a relative bargain. For that price, as you would be hard pressed to buy two different jackets that do the job of just this one, especially if you are someone who remains highly active during the winter months.