The RinseKit is a ‘Must Have’ for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The RinseKit is a ‘Must Have’ for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Way back in August of last year, just after the RinseKit made its debut at the summer Outdoor Retailer convention, we told you that it was the portable shower you didn’t know you needed. While that assessment remains largely true, it turns out that this is one of those products that is so handy, that you’ll keep finding new uses for it the longer you have it around.

We recently got our hands on a RinseKit of our very own, and while it definitely makes a great shower for car campers (particularly with the hot water sink adapter), surfers, and scuba divers, it has a lot of other great uses too. For instance, its high pressure water output makes it perfect for washing down a mountain bike after a muddy trail ride, and it is equally adept at spraying off a kayak or stand-up paddleboard following a run down your favorite stretch of water too. And while it’s two-gallon tank isn’t enough to do a complete scrub down of your car, it is nice for touching it up from time to time. The RinseKit is even good for giving the dog a bath, watering the garden, and hosing off the deck too.


For those unfamiliar with the RinseKit, it is a portable water reservoir that manages to produce a high pressure stream of water without the use of a pump or batteries. You fill it by connecting its hose to a standard outdoor spigot, and as it collects water in its tank it also builds up natural pressure that is then used to spray that water out through a detachable nozzle that has seven different spray pattern settings. It takes just 20 seconds to complete the process, and when you’re done the RinseKit can produce up to two minutes of constant spray before it runs out of water. It is a simple, yet ingenious, design that makes this a very handy product to have around the house, campsite, truck, or boat.

The RinseKit costs $90, which probably seems like a lot for a water system that holds just two gallons. But as already indicated, this is one of those products that continues to prove its worth the longer you have it and the more you use it. It is simple, easy to use, and incredibly handy to have at your disposal. What more could you ask for out of your outdoor gear?

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