The Latest Gear From Metolius Helps Climbers Shed Weight

The Latest Gear From Metolius Helps Climbers Shed Weight


A lot of climbers count ounces when trying to save weight on their rack. Those ounces can add up to some significant savings over the long haul. Metolius’ latest lightweight offerings are quality pieces of gear that the weight conscious climber will definitely want to consider.

The new Ultralight Master Cam is a redesign of the popular Master Cam, shedding 20% of the weight of the old cams and introducing some nice new touches as well. The old Master Cams were already really light compared to other cams on the market and the new Ultralight version is 40% lighter than conventional cams. Metolius saved weight by changing the composition of the stem unit to be simpler, machined holes in the trigger, and removing the thumb loop and replacing it with a skinny 11mm Dyneema Monster Sling.


While they were at it, the company also added two new sizes to the Master Cam line, the #7 and #8, offering a size range from #00 (tiny) to #8 (large hand size). The cam lobes are CNC machined for greater precision and retain the popular Range Finder color-coding on all but the two smallest sizes. On top of that, Metolius used a new shark fin tooth pattern that they claim gives the cam lobes greater holding power when used on soft rock. Furthermore, color anodized parts on the trigger and thumb pieces aid in distinguishing proper sizes as well.

The Ultralight Master Cams have the same friendly, flexible stem that was a feature of the old cams, while still retaining the same price. They retail for between $59.95 – $64.95.


The new lightweight cams are paired nicely with the updated FS Mini II carabiners. Available in 8 colors these ultra-light carabiners tip the scales at just 23 grams while maintaining a strength rating of 22 kN. Metolius updated the old FS Mini carabiners by lowering the weight a touch and making a larger gate opening too. They are available for $5.95 each, or as a set of 6 colors for $34.95.

I never considered the weight of my chalk bag before but the new Ultralight Chalk Bag made me realize how much extra weight I’ve been lugging around. While many climbers have spent time saving a gram or two when updating their carabiners they’ve largely ignored their chalk bag. Weighing just 30 grams, the Ultralight is made out of light outer and inner fabrics and is up to 70% lighter than other chalk bags. Available in a Cylinder or Taper design, this new bag will set you back $22.50 and includes an adjustable belt that is also small and lightweight of course!