Take Your Outdoor Essentials Anywhere with the Tepui Expedition Gear Container

Take Your Outdoor Essentials Anywhere with the Tepui Expedition Gear Container


Tepui, the company best known for those awesome rooftop tents for your car, recently launched a new line of rugged gear bags designed specifically with the outdoor adventurer in mind. These bags range in size from a daypack to a full blown gear container for use in your vehicle, and are made from durable polyester canvas coated with a synthetic resin that should give them the ability to survive just about anything you throw their way. Each of the bags is water, heat, and abrasion resistant, and are surprisingly easy to clean, making them a great choice for car camping, cross-country road trips or even expeditions to remote corners of the globe.

I recently got the opportunity to test out the Expedition Series Gear Container, which has a carrying capacity of 120 liters, making it by far the largest bag in Tepui’s line up. That massive size makes it an excellent option for storing and organizing your important outdoor gear either at home, or on the road. The voluminous interior can swallow up a lot of equipment, and still have plenty of room for more. In fact, it took me quite awhile to get all my tents, sleeping bags, daypacks, and various other items inside, but I found that even then there was still room for other stuff too. A pair of mesh zippered pockets in the lid, and two adjustable dividers, help to keep everything organized as well


In addition to being able to haul around an absolute ton of gear, this bag can ensure that the equipment inside will be kept safe as well. The Gear Container is highly water resistant, and while it doesn’t offer the same level of performance as say a dedicated drybag, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw it into the open bed of a pick-up truck, even during a rainstorm. The high quality fabrics and zippers seal up very nicely, keeping sand, dust, and dirt out of the interior as well.

As if being resistant to water, dust, and sand weren’t enough, Tepui has also built this bag to resist heat too. The company says that the interior of the Gear Container can withstand temperatures reaching 158ºF, which seems excessive until you consider just how hot the interior of a car can become during the warmest months of the year. But if you’re storing important items inside this bag, you can rest assured that the heat won’t have a dramatic impact on those items.


As you can imagine, when a bag this big gets loaded down with gear, it can become quite heavy. Thankfully there are handles on both ends that make it a cinch to pick up, as well as rugged wheels on the bottom that allow you to move it around with ease. These added touches help to make the Gear Container more versatile, both when dragging it to a vehicle, or moving around a campsite as well. In a sense, it is a giant wheeled travel duffel built to survive the elements.

If you’re in the market for a soft-sided cargo box for use around home or in your vehicle, the Expedition Series Gear Container should be on your list of products to check out. Not only is it extremely well made, but it can carry a surprising amount of outdoor equipment too. Tepui has a real winner on its hands with this bag, which will be just as popular with car campers as it is with expedition leaders heading to remote corners of the globe.


Incredibly durable and with enough storage to last you for weeks on the road, the Gear Container is priced at $190. The other bags in the Expedition Series line start as low as $70, and go up from there. Find out more at TepuiTents.com.