Seirus HeatTouch Xtreme: Heated Gloves for active use

Seirus HeatTouch Xtreme: Heated Gloves for active use

Winter recreationists no longer face the choice of warmth over dexterity, thanks to the Seirus HeatTouch Xtreme All Weather glove. This fully waterproof glove features Seirus’ battery-powered heat system in a slim design that allows good dexterity and feel.

The neoprene-like material, dubbed FormFit by Seirus, proved to be exceptionally well suited for handling tasks requires finger dexterity in frigid conditions—things like fine-tuning a binding, dialing in a camera setting, or repairing a damaged piece of gear. The HeatTouch system, kept my fingers toasty warm throughout those tasks. If cold did creep in, I’d simply kick up the heat setting to max for a few minutes to run a bit of extra heat into my digits before lowering the setting to medium or low (depending on the external temperatures and my activity levels).  

To keep the glove lightweight and comfortable, Seirus powers the heat unit with a slim battery—at just under 5 mm thick (3/16 inch) the batteries are less than half the size of those commonly used in other brands of heated gloves. Yet the battery life is reasonable: in my tests, I found a full battery charge last 6.5 hours at low heat and just over 2 hours at maximum heat.

At $275, the Seirus HeatTouch Xtreme All Weather isn’t ideal for everyone, but for those who need the ability to perform delicate tasks or handle small items in cold conditions, the dexterity and warmth of the glove is a powerful combination.