Rex Specs: The Latest in Fashion Sunglasses – For Your Dog

Rex Specs: The Latest in Fashion Sunglasses – For Your Dog


We all know the importance of wearing sunglasses while outdoors for extended periods of time. Not only do they allow us to see properly in the bright light of the sun, but they also protect us from harmful UV rays as wells. In fact, I’d venture to guess that most of us wouldn’t dream of setting out on a trail run, bike ride, or even a long hike without first donning a good pair of sunglasses. So why is it that we allow our canine friends to accompany us on our outdoor adventures without providing them a measure of eye protection as well?

Enter Rex Specs – specialty eyewear designed specifically for dogs. The company was founded after the owners discovered that their two pups suffered from sun-related eye problems. The dogs would often accompany them on outdoor adventures, tagging along as they went hiking, fishing, boating, and so on. After it was discovered that their faithful pets had eye issues, which included sunburn and Pannus, the owners started looking for products to protect their dogs while outside. Not finding anything that fit their needs, they elected to create the eyewear themselves instead. 


With its “dynamic strap system” and flexible design, the Rex Spec goggles will reportedly fit on most dogs that weigh between 35 and 100 pounds. The product ships with a clear lens, and a second lens that is either “smoke” or “mirror” tinted depending on the buyer’s choice. Those lenses can be quickly and easily swapped out as needed, and help to not only block harmful light and UV radiation from the sun, but also keep wind, sand, dust, and other debris at bay.

The designers of the Rex Specs say that the product has been built to allow a full range of vision for the dog that is wearing it, and will remain stable on their face without interfering with jaw motion in any way. Great care has been taken to ensure that the goggles are comfortable for the dog to wear for extended periods of time, which could be crucial if they’ll be out in the sun all day.


The Rex Specs goggles carry a price tag of $79.95 including the two lenses. Additional lenses can be purchased for $11.95 – $13.95 depending on the level of tint.

Whether or not your canine companion actually needs a pair of sunglasses may be debatable, but he’ll certainly be the coolest looking pup at the dog park if he’s wearing a pair of these.