REI Launches New Co-Op Line of Outdoor Gear

REI Launches New Co-Op Line of Outdoor Gear


Outdoor gear retailer Recreational Equiopment Inc., better known as REI, has just announced a new line of clothing aimed directly at its core customers, namely outdoor enthusiasts looking for good, dependable gear at an affordable price. The new line of apparel is dubbed REI Co-Op, and it features a wide array of products for both men and women that can literally cover them from head to toe. 

The Co-Op line is designed so that every piece compliments each other, both in terms of function and style. It includes several long and short sleeve shirts, as well as both a down jacket and down vest. There is even a Co-Op branded stocking cap and two different styles of socks, available in crew length and a quarter cut. Because each of the items looks good and works well with one another, they can be easily mixed and matched to create a solid layering system. 

REI wanted to give their products a splash of color with this new line-up, and so most of the items are available in at least five or six different shades. The Co-Op products also have a clean, classic look to them that should allow the clothing to look just as good on the trail as it does while wearing it around town. 


It seems clear that REI was looking to be very price-conscious with this new line of apparel. The highest priced item in the Co-Op line up is the down jacket, which costs just $99. Other items include a $45 quarter-zip fleece, and a $40 quarter-zip technical shirt. That makes this new clothing highly competitive, at least in terms of price. It remains to be seen just how well the gear actually performs out in the field however. My guess is that it will serve the casual hiker and camper quite nicely, but might not be quite up to the standards of someone who is a bit more demanding of their gear. 

The Co-Op line should not be confused with REI’s evrgrn line of products, which we told you about back in May. Those products are made for a more casual outdoor excursion, or even urban adventures. The evrgrn products are more likely to be used in a local park or the backyard, while Co-Op is definitely aimed squarely at hikers, backpackers, and trail runners. 

All of the new apparel is available now. You can learn more at the official Co-Op website.