Powered Gloves Keep Fingers Warm in Frigid Conditions

Powered Gloves Keep Fingers Warm in Frigid Conditions

After carving through this winter’s first significant snowstorms in the Cascades, my perennially frozen-fingered female gear tester has a new love: Outdoor Research’s StormTracker gloves.

Built with a Gore-Tex Windstopper shell, a goat-leather palm, and a soft tricot liner, the StormTracker provided outstanding dexterity and weather-proofness while skiing the wet-snow that blankets Washington’s Cascades. But our love of the glove goes beyond that yeoman-like performance. The real beauty—the inner beauty—of the StormTracker lies in its internal ALTIHeat technology. That battery-powered technology drove the frost off the fingers of Donna—a hardcore outdoorswoman who suffers severe bouts of Raynaud’s syndrome (loss of blood flow to the extremities).      

Where previously her fingers would remain chalk white—and sometime blue—throughout the day on the slopes, the StormTrackers kept her digits pink and warm all day long.

With three settings available on the easy-to-use control button, the gloves stayed hot all day by sticking primarily to the medium and low heat setting except during long periods of inactivity (delays on the ski lift, for instance). Each setting boasts a seperate LED light color for easy selection of heat output (red for high, orange for medium, green for low). At $235, the gloves aren’t cheap, but they do work remarkably well. When Raynaud’s would have previously driven Donna into the lodge, the StormTracker kept her carving on slopes.

For colder conditions, consider the more heavily insulated OR Lucent Heated Gloves ($350).