Pack Like a Pro: Hanging with Sierra Blair-Coyle

Pack Like a Pro: Hanging with Sierra Blair-Coyle

Photo: Jackie Sterna

If you don’t know Sierra Blair-Coyle, you are a) missing out, and b) clearly not following the world of professional sport climbing these days. She’s not only one of the youngest and most talented climbers in the world right now, but more than 200,000 people follow her on social media channels; and she continues to rack up competition wins and firsts in the natural rock world as well. We managed to grab a few minutes of her time to talk gear.

Gear Institute: are you up to these days and what’s next on your hit list?
Sierra Blaire-Coyle: Currently I am enjoying winter break! It has been great to relax and spend time with my family. Spring semester begins in a few weeks, as does the busiest part of my competition season. I have nationals the first weekend of February and a slew of competitions past that. I also turn 21 at the end of January, so I am hoping to take a Las Vegas trip after nationals.

SPY-ATHLETES-SIERRA Photo: Jackie Sterna

Gear Institute: What items – other than sponsor’s gear – do you always bring when venturing out? What are you most impressed with these days?
Blaire-Coyle: My Gripstik is crucial to my warm up. It helps warm up my arms and elbows without taxing my muscles too much. The Gripstik is a great tool.

Hair-ties—I am notorious for having to borrow hair ties, so I make sure to bring some with me. Plus, they can be used for so many other purposes.

Sierra-Gearing-upPhoto: Jackie Sterna

Another key warm up item for me. A jump rope is light and can be utilized anywhere.

jump ropeGear Institute: What gear from your sponsors do you always carry?
Blaire-Coyle: My SPY Mulhollands are my favorite sunglasses. I always feel so trendy when I wear them and can easily go from climbing to hiking to cruising around town.


The ClimbX E-Motion Slipper always goes with me—it is my favorite pair of climbing shoes and I never leave the house without them!


Another crucial part of climbing is my Asana Climbing Community Bucket chalk bag. With such a big sized bucket, I can use it and so can all of my friends!


I love my Sierra Sage Arnica Salve. After climbing I usually have a ton of bruises or am achy/sore! Keeping the salve in my bag is super convenient.

Sierra Arnica-salve

Gear Institute: Are there any special packing or gear-protecting techniques/tricks you use?
Blaire-Coyle: I don’t usually do anything special for my gear, but I have learned to keep all of my food in 2 bags. I have had one too many bananas get smushed on my climbing shoes!

Gear Institute: What is one thing you are especially excited about or interested in right now?
Blaire-Coyle: I recently bought a Hydro Flask thermos to bring outdoor climbing. I absolutely love it. So now I am obsessed with thermoses and everything that I can put in them.

hydro-flask-wide-mouth-insulated-water-bottle 5

Gear Institute: Anything else you want to share?
Blaire-Coyle: Having a simple first aid kit is awesome. I love being able to just grab a bandage or tape when needed. Plus, you can have other items for more serious situations.

Sierra-profilePhoto: Jackie Sterna

Gear Institute: Thanks, Sierra!

Sierra’s fans and climbing enthusiasts can find more from Sierra Blair-Coyle at

Sierra-rockPhoto: Jackie Sterna