Pack like a Pro: Eric Pollard paints pictures in the snow

Pack like a Pro: Eric Pollard paints pictures in the snow


Eric Pollard founded Nimbus Independent 8 years ago with Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre and Chris Bencheter. The quartet of skiers envisioned a new perspective on the world of ski movies. “We put a lot of focus into the kind of skiing we portray, the personality we capture, and the overall artistic drive of each feature,” Pollard says.

Pollard continues in his role with Nimbus while also leading the life of a sponsored skier, filmmaker, and painter. His personal work can be found at Eric Pollard Design.


Gear Institute: Hi Eric. What are you up to these days?
Eric Pollard: I’m making a movie titled “After the Sky Falls,” working on some other productions (web series, TV series), skiing, developing skis, and painting a bit.

Gear Institute: You must have some unique challengers when filming or painting in the snow. What gear do you rely on when you are out there?
Pollard: I always bring a transceiver. That is crucial to what I do. I use the BCA Tracker 3.

Tracker3 angle

I also use CTI Custom knee braces. They have helped save my knees from flat landing for the last decade. Finally, I don’t like having the airlines throw away 3 cups every flight just so I can have some water, so I use my own water bottle. I always have a good water bottle when I travel.


Gear Institute: Good stuff. Now, let’s give your sponsors a break. You see a lot of gear from the companies that support your work. What sponsor gear are you most excited about now?
Pollard: My Dakine outerwear is definitely a favorite. It looks good and works great.
I really am excited about Line Skis. Specifically, the Line Magnum Opus and the Sir Francis Bacon models. These are my go-to skis. And I love the Anon M2 and M3 goggles. They offer incredible clarity and protection.


Gear Institute: Are there any current gear trends you are really psyched about?
Pollard: I’ve been using the ABS avalanche bags the last few years and I am really happy to have something to help me in case I get caught in an avalanche.