Matthew Klein

Dr. Matthew Klein PT DPT OCS is a doctor of physical therapy and Kaiser SoCal Sport Fellow. He is a long time competitive runner over a variety of distances. He has a keen interest in running shoes and has been researching and reviewing them for almost a decade.

About Matthew Klein
Matt began his footwear and running passion in high school and college, training competitively in
Cross Country and Track and Field.  He also worked for several local running stores who were kind
enough to spark a passion in what he was running in.  After a great DIII running career (national
appearances, conference champ) he continued on to pursue his doctorate in physical therapy
at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. While continuing to run at a high level
and winning a large number of local road races, he began writing about footwear.  This was the
start of his attempt to help others understand what they were putting on their feet and how
it could affect their bodies.  As he progressed through his training, footwear companies began
to reach out and he slowly began consulting and writing more on a professional level.
After graduation, he continued on to an orthopedic residency program at Casa Colina, graduating
and passing his board exams as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.  He continued on to Kaiser
Southern California and is currently undertaking a fellowship in manual therapy and sport rehabilitation.
He works with several local track clubs and elite athletes in the area and continues to consult for
several local and national footwear companies.
When he is not working, writing for Gear Institute or his website Doctors of Running, he can be found
pacing or spending all his time with his professional runner girlfriend Regina Lopez in her preparation
for the 2020 Olympic Trials—or playing the fiddle.