Julian Smith

Julian Smith has covered travel, science and lifestyle topics for over 15 years for everyone from Smithsonian and Wired to Outside and the Washington Post. He lives and plays in Portland, OR with his wife and two very active girls. Follow him on Twitter at @julianwrites and Google+.

About Julian Smith

Julian Smith’s writing on science, travel and the outdoors has appeared in Smithsonian, Wired, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, New Scientist, Discover, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and US News & World Report. He’s the author of guidebooks to everywhere from Virginia to El Salvador, as well as the award-winning “Crossing the Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure.” He lives, runs, mountain bikes, snowboards and climbs in Portland, Oregon, where he puts the latest family gear through its paces with the help of his wife and two very active girls.