Dan Nash

Dan Nash guides hiking and climbing trips around the world for Satori Expeditions. He has used his 25 years of extensive hiking, backpacking and mountaineering experience to test outdoor gear on five continents in all types of conditions. 

About Dan Nash

Dan Nash is a professional hiking guide for Satori Adventures & Expeditions and editor of HikingtheOzarks.com. He’s also a board member of the Professional Hiking Guides Association and is a member of the American Mountain Guides Association.

Dan grew up exploring the canyons and rivers of the Ozark Mountains and later transformed that passion for adventure and the outdoors into a career as a professional mountain and backpacking guide. Since then, Dan has guided many thousands of miles through the Ozark Mountains and has helped clients summit peaks on five continents. Dan satisfies his quest to help others enhance their knowledge of the outdoors by providing a host of educational classes including outdoor survival, backpacking and mountaineering skills. Dan founded Satori Adventures & Expeditions to encourage people to test their mental and physical limits through expedition travel and adventure.

Dan’s love for teaching motivated him to create HikingtheOzarks.com, which provides outdoor education to like-minded outdoor enthusiasts in a variety of outdoor disciplines. Dan’s gear reviews have appeared in Backpacker Magazine and Backpackers Review.