Never Tie Your Shoes Again with the Xpand Lacing System

Never Tie Your Shoes Again with the Xpand Lacing System



Learning to tie our shoes is one of the rite of passage that we all go through as a child, and as a result when we’re adults, it is pretty much something we don’t think about too much. But without fail, throughout the day our laces will come undone – usually at the most inconvenient of times. Or worse yet, they don’t come untied at all after getting completely knotted throughout the day, which can be pretty frustrating when you just want to spend some quality time with your couch. The easiest solution to these dilemmas would be to eliminate laces altogether, but the fact of the matter is that lacing up a shoe provides support that is vital to anyone who runs or hikes.


Over the years there have been a few advances in how shoes stay secured to our feet, with Velcro probably having the biggest impact of all. But in regards to lacing, nothing has completely eradicated the problems we continue to face on a daily basis. Some of the more effective solutions involve proprietary materials and pieces that, but when those pieces fail it signaled the end of the lifespan of the shoe as well. Now, one company is claiming that they have found the ultimate solution for keeping your shoes tied, and their product looks so promising that its Kickstarter campaign has raised 5000% of its goal.


The Xpand Lacing System is a simple solution comprised of elastic flat laces, lace anchors (which resemble common tensioners found on tent guylines), and end clips to keep the lace from slipping through the anchor. The system allows you to set the tension of the laces while your foot is actually in the shoe, dialing in the exact fit that you’d like. Better yet, you can slip them on and off without losing any of that tension or support.


The Xpand Lacing System is still in its Kickstarter phase, but you can preorder a pair now. Affordably priced at $8, they are currently only available for low top shoes. They do come in a variety of colors however, and the finished product is expected to start shipping in January.