Nat Geo Wants To Help Keep Your Camera Safe

Nat Geo Wants To Help Keep Your Camera Safe

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One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about National Geographic is the stunning photos that the iconic magazine is so famous for. For decades the monthly periodical has brought us countless indelible images from around the globe, many of which have become true classics that remain instantly recognizable. With such a vast legacy of experience in photography it stands to reason that the folks at Nat Geo would know a thing or two about keeping our cameras safe while out in the field. For several years now, the organization has been working with Manfrotto to produce a line of Nat Geo endorsed photography bags. Those bags have managed to exuded a style all their own, while providing a high level of protection, comfort, and utility as well. 

Recently Nat Geo and Manfrotto expanded that line even further with the introduction of an entirely new lifestyle collection inspired by the sea. The Mediterranean Photo Bag Collection features a number of slings, shoulder bags, holsters, and backpacks designed to protect our photography equipment whether we’re traveling to far-flung corners of the planet or simply snapping pictures in the backyard. Each bag is capable of holding a DSLR, extra lenses, and various accessories. Some are even large enough to accommodate a laptop or tablet, as well as extra gear like a tripod, jacket, or snacks. Made from durable canvas, and sporting high quality leather trim, each of the bags incorporates excellent padding to provide protection where it is needed most. Prices on the Mediterranean line range from $38.99 – $96.99, with plenty of options in-between.

Here is a sneak peek at several of the new offerings.

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Mediterranean Medium Holster ($38.99)
Small and lightweight, this bag is designed to carry a mirrorless camera or compact DSLR, plus an additional lens. The Medium Holster comes equipped with both a shoulder strap and an ergonomic handle, both of which make it easy to carry around. In addition to the main storage compartment, a small front pocket can accommodate other accessories as well, putting small items like keys, memory cards and cables close at hand.

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Mediterranean Medium Messenger ($75.99)
Built to carry a medium sized DSLR camera body with a lens attached, as well as an extra lens and flash, this messenger bag was made with travelers and urban photographers in mind. It offers plenty of room to store a laptop and numerous personal items, allowing you to be self sufficient for the day. It features organizational pockets and slots, as well as a zippered pocket on the back. Removable inserts provide extra protection as needed, while a comfortable camera strap makes it easy to carry a bag full of equipment all day long. 


Mediterranean Medium Sling ($76.99)
Stylish and versatile, the Medium Sling pack has room for a DSLR with a lens attached, as well as a second lens and a flash. It also has room for daily necessities such as a smartphone, a light jacket, and a tablet, with custom pockets to hold each. A specially designated safe-zone helps to keep extra fragile gear particulalry secure, while a shoulder sling makes this a pack that is easy to carry on any adventure.  


Mediterranean Backpack ($85.99 – $96.99)
Available in both small and medium sizes, the Mediterranean Backpack offers the most capacity of any of the bags in the new line-up. Photographers will be able to carry a full sized DSLR body, along with two additional lenses, and accessories such as flashes, cables, and extra batteries. With multiple pockets and access points, this bag is designed to be very versatile, with plenty of room for personal items and additional gear as well. There is even a laptop sleeve, and enough space to include a tripod, making this a bag that hard-core photographers can appreciate.