Morakniv Announces Garberg Fixed Knife

Morakniv Announces Garberg Fixed Knife


Fresh from SHOT show in Las Vegas, Morakniv has announced the launch of their Garberg fixed knife that they designed with Dave Canterbury, founder of The Pathfinder School and of “Dual Survival” fame. What makes this an exciting announcement – besides Dave being involved – is that this is the first full tang knife to be offered by Morakniv who’s products have become widely accepted in the outdoor world due to their uncanny durability, functional design, and affordable retail pricing.

Featuring a textured polyamide handle for an improved grip, the Garberg has a 4.25” Scandi ground blade made of the same high-quality Swedish steel their other knives are famous for. For extra durability and corrosion resistance, the blade has a semi-matte finish. Additionally, the spine has been ground so that it can be used as an effective fire-starter too.


(Image courtesy of Dave Canterbury)

I’ve been impressed with Morakniv in the past because they are incredibly affordable, and durable. Their knives are simple by design – focusing on function more than form, which makes them a welcome addition to any belt or backpack. Having Canterbury involved in the design of the Garberg is pretty awesome, as there are very few people who walk the Earth today that have the same level of knowledge about survival in the outdoors – and life in general – that he does.

The Garberg will ship this spring for $99 with a standard sheath or for $109 with a leather sheath.