Learn to Ski Better with This Wearable Device

Learn to Ski Better with This Wearable Device


Carv is a ski boot insert that talks to you while you ski, coaching you and analyzing your technique. That’s not all, though; this little device comes bundled with a slew of cool functions like a mode that lets you compete against others, sync runs with your camera, and even see how you compare against real pros. Carv fits into any ski boot, works with multiple types of skiing styles, and provides access to information we don’t even know what to do with yet.

The Carv device has a couple simple components. It is two pieces; a pressure sensitive insert and a micro-computer / transmitter “Carv tracker.” The insert is ultra-thin at 1mm and works with boot warmers and custom insoles. Inside the insert are 48 independent pressure sensors that each record 8 levels of pressure. In addition, each insert has a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer to pinpoint exactly how your foot rotates and twists. The Carv tracker clips directly onto the back of each boot and communicates with your phone via Bluetooth with an astounding 16+ hours of battery life and an IP67 water resistant rating.


The Carv Coach App connects your phone to the Carv and has tons of useful modes. You can even sync it to a GoPro to overlay metrics and create a showreel of your exploits. The Coach App, compatible with iOS or Android, analyzes the data in real time and provides voice coaching, pointers, and highlights mistakes. Your performance is then translated into a “Ski IQ” that you can compare to the pros. The app even comes with a competitive mode where you can compare your run against that of a friend’s, or upload it to a global user base to collect trophies for being the best at each resort.

All of the data is stored for review. Not only can you analyze specific performances like individual turns, but you can graph your entire runs too. In fact, you can even download the raw data and import it to just about any program you want, allowing you to analyze it in some unique ways.


The Carv product is running a fully-funded KickStarter campaign right now and it is still available to pre-orders for $199.00 at the time of this article. Serious – and well-heeled – can even pledge $4,999.00 to fly to Kitzbühel, Austria to test the next prototype with professional skiers.

We’re looking forward to see how this product performs ourselves!

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