Katabatic’s Flex Sleeping Bag Arrives Just in Time for Spring

Katabatic’s Flex Sleeping Bag Arrives Just in Time for Spring


Colorado-based Katabatic Gear is known for making high quality products that manage to be extremely lightweight without having to sacrifice performance or durability. The company prides itself on offering sleeping bags, backpacks, bivys, and other assorted gear that focus on the “fast and light” approach to backpacking and camping, while still offering all of the features you would expect out of high-end outdoor gear products. That very same principle has been extended to the company’s new Flex line of sleeping bags as well, which have arrived just in time for those upcoming spring and summer camping trips.

The defining feature of Katabatic’s Flex sleeping bags is that they are incredibly versatile. These blanket-style bags allow you to use them just like any other traditional sleeping bag, but the can also be converted into a quilted blanket in the blink of an eye. That’s because the Flex features a footbox that can be fully unzipped, which not only provides excellent ventilation for your feet and legs in warmer weather, but also allows the bag to be completely opened up, converting it to a large, down blanket instead.


The Flex sleeping bags was designed with continues baffles, which allow the user to quickly redistribute the bag’s downfill as needed throughout its length. It also comes with an overstuffed downfill collar to provide extra warmth in cooler conditions, while added insulation in the footbox will keep your feet warmer when the temperature drops too.

Available in four different temperature ratings (15ºF, 22ºF, 30ºF, and 40ºF) and at two levels of fill-power – 850 or 900, these three-season sleeping bags won’t add much undue weight to your backpack.They reportedly pack down to a small size, and tip the scales at as little as 15.6 ounces depending on the size of the bag and type of fill. Surprisingly, the lower fill power adds a few extra ounces of weight, although it does have the added benefit of being water resistant.


Prices vary from as low as $320 to as high as $475 depending on your choice of temperature rating, size, and fill weight. The Flex line of sleeping bags is available now. Find out more Katabatic.com.