How To Create A Makeshift Shelter From A Survival Blanket

How To Create A Makeshift Shelter From A Survival Blanket

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There are a number of reasons why a simple day hike could unexpectedly turn into an overnight hike. Sometimes we get a bit confused as to which is the right way back to the trailhead, or it is possible that we could suffer an injury that slows the return trip. Whatever the case, one of the most valuable items you can have with you is a Grabber All Weather Blanket, a $15 item that could potentially save your life.

The purpose of shelter while in the backcountry is to prevent your body heat from escaping into the environment. Your clothing is the first layer of shelter you’ll have with you, but if you have to spend the night in the backcountry, extra shelter may be necessary.

The Grabber All Weather Blanket offers a waterproof, windproof and durable shelter with a heat-reflective coating on one side. Simply wrapping yourself up in the blanket will usually prevent hypothermia, but because of the blanket’s construction, it can also be used as
ground cover, an overhead tarp, and it can be rigged to reflect heat from your fire.

In order to rig the blanket as a tarp for an overhead shelter, just follow these steps:

1. Create a ridgeline with 550 paracord or use a ridge pole.

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2. Angle down the sides to the ground. For warmer weather, make the shelter high off the ground for easy access. If it’s colder outside, lay the tarp tight to the ground and seal up the edges with available materials.

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3. Cut four pieces of shorter rope and tie to the four corners of the blanket.

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4. Find four thick sticks and insert into the ground near the corners as stakes. Stretch and tie the rope to the stakes for more stability.

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5. Add about 12” – 15” of ground cover with nearby dry leaves, grass, pine needles or use another emergency blanket.

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The Grabber All Weather Blanket is a versatile tool that can also be used as a signal device and to collect rainwater for hydration too. In future installments of this “how to” series, we’ll show you how to accomplish those tasks as well. Until then, protect yourself from rain, sun and wind with the Grabber All Weather Blanket on your next adventure.

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