Hanz Waterproof Gloves are also Smartphone Compatible

Hanz Waterproof Gloves are also Smartphone Compatible


There is no denying that touch screen devices – such as smartphones and tablets – have brought a great deal of convenience to our lives. But if you’ve ever had to pull off your gloves in cold, wet conditions just to answer a call, send a text, or interact with an app, you’ve probably wished there was a better way to use your mobile gadget. We all know that Touch screens are here to stay however, so thankfully innovative glove makers like Hanz are creating ways to use them while keeping our hands warm and dry at the same time.

The new Waterproof Tap-Knit Touch Screen Gloves use a three-layer membrane system to keep moisture out, even in very wet conditions. Those membranes include a wicking inner liner that facilitates moisture management, a stretchable waterproof layer in the middle, all wrapped in a durable outer shell. These layers help to make these gloves ideal for anglers, paddlers, or anyone else who regularly finds themselves in damp environments.


In addition to being completely waterproof, these gloves have another trick up their sleeve too. They use Hanz’s Tap-Knit technology to allow the wearer to continue interacting with their touch screen devices without ever having to take them off. The entire surface of the palm is covered with a special surface that makes it easier to hold onto slippery electronic gadgets, while the tips of the thumb and first two fingers are smooth to allow easy interaction with a touch screen.

It’s not easy finding a glove that is both fully waterproof and able to work with a touch screen, but Hanz has managed to pull it off here. Like most other gloves of this kind however, interaction with the device is not nearly as smooth as it would be with your bare fingers. That said, these gloves are still very functional, particularly after you’ve used them for a bit and get accustomed to how they feel when touching the screen. 


While I was impressed with how these gloves worked with my iPhone, I didn’t find them to be especially warm. Wearing them in below-freezing conditions in Quebec City in February, I found the tips of my fingers getting very cold at times. While they perform well in keeping out moisture, I’d probably recommend wearing something else if you spend a lot of time in frigid temps.

The Waterproof Tap-Knit gloves are priced at $50, which seems like a good price for waterproof glove that works with your touch screen. Find out more at Hanz.com.