Salomon QST Snow Jacket Review

August 10, 2018
Salomon QST Snow Jacket
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Temperature Control

The Good

  • Soft material
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Loose fit good for layering
  • Moderate amount of insulation

The Bad

  • Less durable face fabric
  • Small sizing
The Salomon QST Snow Jacket is an excellent all-around jacket for winter adventures with a number of great features. The QST Snow Jacket is made of a lightweight and breathable fabric that makes it well suited to side country as well as steep in-bounds adventures. It has all the features of a resort jacket such as a detachable hood, wrist gaskets, pit zips with added mesh coverings and plenty of pockets and storage space for snacks, passes, and layers. With a moderate amount of insulation it kept testers plenty warm and its long and loose fit easily allows for more base layers underneath. The QST Snow Jacket is probably the most comfortable of all the jackets tested though it does run a tad on the small side. One of the few points against it was doubts over its long term durability due to the lightweight nature of the face fabric and small signs of ripping on the wrist gaskets. Overall, it’s a well designed jacket that is equally at home ripping down the mountain as it is at the bar afterwards.


The Salomon QST Snow Jacket uses AdvancedSkin Dry as an outer protective material with AdvancedSkin Warm insulation. This material is distinctive from many of the other jackets tested this season in how comfortable and pliable it feels. In addition, the QST is extremely lightweight despite using a good amount of insulation for warmth. At first glance this jacket wouldn’t seem like a very waterproof or durable layer but it held up well during testing. After time there was slight wear in the wrist gaiter material but this was insignificant to the overall performance of the jacket. The durability of the face fabric held up well throughout testing on open resort runs though we avoided taking it through a tight tree run. Testers overwhelming opinion was that QST was so lightweight and comfortable compared to other ski jackets that they didn’t want to take it off even after leaving the slopes.


The Salomon QST is chock full of features that testers really appreciated. It has the typical insulated hood which fits well even over a helmet and a slim powder skirt which easily buttons on over pants. It has wide enough cuffs to fit gloves underneath with Velcro to cinch them down to size. There are also long interior wrist gaiters with thumb keep loops. These wrist gaiters kept testers’ hands a bit warmer when they took their gloves off while still outside and prevented cold air from going up the sleeves. The under arm pit zips have a large zipper that can be easily opened with gloves on and are backed with a thin mesh that kept snow from going down the jacket which is a handy extra feature. While having less storage capacity than the Blackpowder II, the QST still has a good amount of room. The two hand warmer pockets are a good size and even come with a built in goggle wipe. There is one spacious zippered chest pocket, perfect for a phone and chapstick, a zippered interior pocket, and a large interior mesh pocket for goggles or gloves. Lastly, there is a pass pocket beneath the cuff which is useful for storing an RFID ski pass.


Despite the light nature of this jacket, the QST snow jacket held up surprisingly well in all testing conditions. The long fit of the jacket combined with a powder skirt and wrist gaiters kept the snow out even when it was storming out. The jacket is seam taped so even on wetter days testers didn’t notice any water creeping in from the zippers or elsewhere.

Temperature Control

The QST Snow jacket performed great on all but the coldest days at the resort. It uses 60 g/m2 of AdvancedSkin Warm insulation which felt like the perfect amount of insulation to stay warm on the stormy days with the use of additional base layers, yet not too much to overheat on the warm, bluebird day. The only time testers would have preferred another jacket were the rare sub-zero days or when the windchill was particularly high. Testers were pleased with how breathable the jacket was and found it to be a great choice when the weather could decide between being overcast and sunny. The pit zips are easy to open when the sun comes out and even though the mesh covered vents don’t allow in quite as much cold air, the breathable nature of the fabric made that never an issue.


Testers absolutely love the fit and comfort of this jacket. The QST has a loose fit which made it easy to wear with as many or as few base/mid-layers underneath as the weather dictates. It also has a long torso and arms which was perfect for preventing snow from getting in while playing in the powder. The material is also really comfortable and particularly pliable so that there were no restrictions in range of motion. Testers did note that the sizing was consistently a full size smaller than normal since the medium size tested felt like a size small in most other brands.

Value & Style

Value and style are a couple of other considerations that matter when choosing a jacket but that don’t count towards the rating of the jacket. The overall value of the Salomon QST snow jacket is pretty high since it is a great all around ski jacket at the reasonable price of $325. Also, it comes in a couple different colorful options which testers enjoyed. The freeride style is still casual enough to wear around town after a day on the slopes.

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