Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS Review

August 11, 2017

The Good

  • Coverage
  • Snug fit
  • Venting
  • Reflective details

The Bad

  • Chinstrap sits close to throat

The Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS is a comfortable helmet with good rear and side coverage. Adjustability is easy and precise. However cyclists may find that the chin strap sits closer to their throat than under the chin.


The Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS strap webbing is thin and lightweight and lays comfortably flat against the cyclist’s face. The Tri-Glide PRO adjustment allows the cyclist to fine-tune the helmet’s fit and position on the head to achieve the highest degree of comfort.

The Spiderlock 4D adjustment system is extremely comfortable and our tester did not report any sensitive pressure points. The combination of the Tri-Glide PRO and Spiderlock 4D adjustment systems allow the helmet to be secured both laterally and vertically. This enhances comfort as well as ensures a better all around fit.

The helmet comes standard with two sets of padding, both of which are made with antimicrobial material that enhances drying time. The padding is thick enough to eliminate any pressure points without increasing heat on humid days. It’s also washable and replaceable.

The Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS has twenty-two air vents that range in size from medium to large (in comparison to the vent sizes of the other helmets in this test). They provided excellent ventilation on high-exertion rides on hot and humid days.

The best ventilation occurred in the aggressive head-down cycling position at faster speeds. However, the larger air vents reduce the amount of protective surface.

The Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS provides coverage on the sides and back of the head. The size small that our tester reviewed measures sixteen inches in length from front to back and 13.5 inches wide from ear to ear.

The stand out features of the Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS are the Tri-Glide PRO and the Spiderlock 4D adjustment systems. Together, they allow the cyclist to adjust the helmet both laterally and vertically for outstanding comfort and a truly secure fit with no movement whatsoever.

Additional head protection comes from MIPS, a thin liner that protects against rotational forces by separating the shell from the liner to allow the liner to slide relative to the skull in the event of an angular crash. For safety when riding after dark, Louis Garneau added two high-visibility reflective strips and a reflective LG logo.

Cyclists with longer hair will find the Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS to be very ponytail friendly.

Fit is outstanding with the Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS due to its multiple points of adjustability that allow for a truly dialed experience. The rubber Spiderlock 4D adjustment system allows the cyclist to adjust the helmet both vertically and laterally so that the helmet sits perfectly in place. This dial-operated system is large enough for the cyclist to easily adjust with one hand while on the fly, even with sweaty fingers.

Strap adjustment generally stays put. In nearly three weeks of testing, our tester only had to tighten and readjust the straps once.

Enhanced fit also comes from the depth of the helmet. The MIPS liner, which can shrink any helmet’s size at least to some degree, can make a helmet feel as if it’s sitting suspended on the cyclist’s head. Our tester did not experience this with the Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS. Instead, it sits further down than all the other helmets in this test. However, the chinstrap sits a little further back, pressing softly into our tester’s throat rather than under her jaw.

With the generous head coverage, thin strap webbing, minimal padding and the MIPS liner, the Louis Garneau Heros RTR MIPS is the second heaviest helmet in the test at 288 grams.

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