Light & Motion Urban 700 Review

September 14, 2017
Light & Motion Urban 700
Ease of Use
Beam Quality

The Good

  • Waterproof
  • Amber side lighting
  • Winter-glove friendly
  • High-quality mounting strap

The Bad

  • Mounting strap difficult to set
  • Helmet mount sold separately

The Light & Motion Urban 700 delivers a bright, broad, and even beam of 700 lumens. It is durable, sleek and compact and its quick-release silicone mounting system accommodates a wide variety of handlebar sizes, making it fast and simple to move between bikes. However its versatility is limited without purchasing the separate helmet mounting option.


Ease of Use
The Light & Motion Urban 700 has a large, on/off switch and clicks easily between its four modes.

The light mode switch is tactile and glove-friendly for both lightweight gloves and heavier winter riding gloves. To turn on, simply hold down on the switch for a second until it powers up.

Once on, one click is required for each brightness mode and into pulse mode. To turn off, hold down the switch briefly until light goes dark.

Beam Quality
The Light & Motion Urban 700 projects an excellent, even beam pattern for urban riding and general bike commuting. However cyclists who ride after dark on rural roads or mountain bike trails may need a stronger light.

Run times vary depending on the selected brightness mode but the Pulse mode carries the longest-lasting charge at seven days running sixty minutes each day. Safety is enhanced with amber side lighting for 180 degrees of visibility.

The Light & Motion Urban 700 provides six brightness modes: High (700 lumens), Medium (350 lumens), Low (175 lumens), and Pulse (175 lumens).

The Pulse mode, which is intended to catch the attention of motorists in both day and night settings, feels slower and belabored compared to the rapid flash of the other bike lights in this test.

Using the Pulse mode only, the Light & Motion Urban 700 went just under seven days before it needed to be recharged.

Our tester was most impressed with the Light & Motion Urban 700’s amber side lighting which deliver an amber pulsing light that increases the cyclist’s visibility in the dark when set to Pulse mode.

Charging is simple and straightforward via a standard USB cable. Charging time from a completely dead LED battery to full strength required approximately four hours of power when plugged directly into the wall.

The Light & Motion Urban 700 attaches to a variety of handlebar sizes via a flexible silicone quick-release mounting strap and a sturdy plastic clip. The rubber strap contains belt-lock notches to ensure the light is secure. Once attached, our tester found that the light stayed firmly in place, even when riding over bumps or a rough bike path.

Changing the light between bikes is very easy and requires no adjustment in the strap.

Bike light theft is a reality and it’s always a good idea for a cyclist to remove a light if they will be away from the bike for any length of time. While the Light and Motion Urban 700 does not have a quick-release trigger, the silicone mounting strap is flexible enough that it’s quick for the cyclist to detach and re-attach, although it does require a degree of finger strength.

A helmet mounting kit is available separately.

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