La Sportiva RT binding Review

March 19, 2012
Ease of Entry
Ease of Transition
Uphill Performance
Downhill Performance

The Good

  • Super light weight design
  • The toe snaps in tight and feels solid
  • Durable construction
  • A super clean and simple design

The Bad

  • Questions on how well they will drive a big stick
  • Brakes only come up to 107 mm and they aren’t included
  • The learning curve is always an issue on tech bindings
  • High price tag
  • Din 10 is the limit

About as efficient as you can get without getting into the racing price range for a tech binding. Meant for those who are looking to save on pounds and not sacrifice that warm feeling of being clamped in when it matters.


La Sportiva is newer to the AT binding market, but I think they have done a good job of making some of the competitors sweat a little bit.

Stepping into the RT binding, I get a secure feeling of being securely attached. Like any and all tech bindings, they create less work on the uphill, by affording you the luxury of not lifting your heel. This to me is too often overlooked when considering your options for an AT binding.

Like other tech bindings there is a learning curve for getting in and out of them. Practice in your living room is always recommended before trying to get into them at the top of a steep descent.

I had no problems with pre-releasing or visa versa when railing through hard snow, soft snow, and even just laying down a 40 mph G-turn. I felt as secure on the down as the up. That said, my personal feeling on an AT binding is that they should make it up to the din 12 range. To me this is important because there are big guys out there (like me) who still like the lightweight gear.

Like some of the other tech bindings on the Market, you still can’t (easily) switch to touring mode without stepping out of the binding. It’s something you get used to. But something I would love to see some of the engineers come up with.

My only real frustrations here are going to be that they aren’t currently selling a brake for what is becoming more and more the modern ski: i.e., a fat one. Also, these bindings are considerably more expensive than their competitors. I think someone on a budget who isn’t concerned extensively about weight should think about looking elsewhere. If weight and confidence in your equipment are top of your list, then look no farther.


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