Giro Axis Goggle Review

November 13, 2018
Giro Axis Goggle
Giro Axis straight on 2
Giro Axis left
Giro Axis left (on 12 yr old)
Giro Axis lens
Giro Axis frame
Giro Axis lens removal 1
Giro Axis Goggle Giro Axis straight on 2 Giro Axis left Giro Axis left (on 12 yr old) Giro Axis lens Giro Axis frame Giro Axis lens removal 1
Field of View
Fit & Comfort
Anti-fog Power
Lens & Frame Quality
Lens Change Ease

The Good

  • Great quick-change lens system
  • Impressive field of view both vertically and horiz
  • Good venting

The Bad

  • Lenses scratched relatively easily
  • Stiff frame
The Giro Axis is a great goggle with a pin-and-magnet quick-change lens system. It has a large fit and impressive field of view both vertically and horizontally. The frame was relatively stiff, and the nose cut was nice and large. The lens did not fog due to the dual vents. It worked great in a variety of lighting and weather conditions, although the pair we had were a little dark for late-day skiing.

The Giro Axis is one of the larger-sized frameless cylindrical goggles with great quick-change lenses.

Field of View

The Giro Axis has an average field of view, both vertically and horizontally.

Fit & Comfort

The Giro Axis came in at 5.1 ounces, which was lighter than the average goggle (the 20 goggles tested ranged from 4.3 ounces to 6.7 ounces). The nose cut-out and curvature of the Giro Axis is a perfect match for larger-sized faces. The foam was nice and soft but durable, and the strap was easy to adjust. We paired them with five different helmets, and found no major issues with a goggle gap.

Anti-Fog Power

No significant fogging occurred in the Giro Axis while tested in the relatively dry climate of Colorado. They performed well on wet snowy spring days and we even took the goggles out for some warm cross country days. They had little to no fogging despite our perspiring.

Lens & Frame Quality

The Giro Axis received an 8 out of 10 in this category. The lenses performed well in many different lighting conditions—but were bit too dark in the late afternoons, so having two lenses with you is recommended. We found no distortion around the edges, and despite the “frameless” design, they were highly scratch-resistant. We found the frame to have the right amount of flexibility, and the quality was overall high. It worked well with most of the testers’ faces.

Lens Change Ease

As we stated in our summary, quick and easy lens changing systems are the standard now, so anything short of that got points knocked off. The Giro Axis has a great peg-and-magnet system, and it is very easy to swap the lenses without touching them due to their “frameless” design. We were able to remove & replace lenses in under 10 seconds.


The strap was easy to adjust and it stayed in place on and off helmet due to the gummy silicon that goes all the way around. The strap is one continuous piece, and the elastic was just stretchy enough for moving them from face to forehead without any issues. It comes with a lightweight storage bag.


The goggles in this test were tested in the backcountry and in-resort skiing on sunny, cloudy, and snowing days, in temperatures ranging from 10 to 40 degrees.

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