Edelrid Wing Review

May 6, 2015
Edelrid Wing
Spring Tension
Trigger / Dexterity

The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Good Value
  • Ice clipper attachment points are compact and packable

  • Front gear loops are easy to use

The Bad

  • Lacks comfort for extended hang sessions
  • Rear gear loops are difficult to use
  • No haul loop

The Edelrid Wing is designed for light and fast alpine missions and is perfect for the weight conscious climber who wants fully adjustable buckles and rigid gear loops. Laminate construction and 3D mesh padding make the Wing surprisingly comfortable for its tiny size, and it’s a good value for its price.


The Edelrid Wing is a lightweight apline harness built for weight conscious climbers. Its popular features are laminate construction, fully adjustable buckles, rigid gear loops, ice clipper attachment points, and durable tie-in points.


Due to the svelte makeup of the Wing, I expected the harness to be miserably uncomfortable, however in testing, it distributed weight well during extended hanging and belay sessions. The comfort of the Wing is due to the laminate construction that distributes loads evenly across the material. The Wing’s 3D mesh padding, in conjunction with nicely rounded edges, also help make this harness good for cragging—not just alpine missions. Still, for extended hang sessions, many users will want more comfort than the Wing can offer.

Adjustability/Smooth Buckles

The Wing is easily and quickly adjusted by the speed buckles on the waist belt and both leg loops. The buckles work smoothly and help provide a tight fit over clothing. They make especially easy adjustments for alpine settings (when you may be taking layers on or off). In testing, minimal slippage was observed and the buckles proved to be a favorite of testers.

Leg Loops

Despite being a lightweight harness, the laminate construction of the leg loops works to distribute weight along a wide piece of material, providing reasonable support during extended hang sessions. The leg loops are fully adjustable (thanks to speed buckles) and easy to get on and off—a huge plus when climbing with ski boots or crampons.

Gear Loops

The Wing features four roomy gear loops. The front gear loops are rigid and asymmetrically shaped, making it easier to store and access gear. The rear gear loops are flexible, making it more comfortable when wearing a pack—but also making it more difficult to clip and unclip gear. The Wing doesn’t have a haul loop and instead has a chalk bag loop. Climbers who like to carry a tag line on their haul loop will have to find room on one of the rear gear loops—not the safest situation for a tag line. The Wing does include two ice clipper attachment points, adding to the harness’ versatility.


The lightweight (11.8 oz) and low bulk are the harness’ most noticeable features. When folded, it is small enough to fit into a good sized chalk bag—the perfect size for light and fast alpine ascents.

The Wing offers a couple of nice features to round out the harness. Testers appreciated the many elastic attachment points for tucking in the tails of extra webbing. They helped make the harness a clean fitting, user friendly harness. The Wing lacks a haul loop, which many users appreciate, particularly for things like tailing a tag line. Instead, it includes a chalk bag clip-in loop. The loop is hard to clip when the harness is already on but it does have a low profile, making it more comfortable when wearing a pack. 


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