Gear Aid Announces Line of Rechargeable LED Lights & Power Stations

Gear Aid Announces Line of Rechargeable LED Lights & Power Stations

Over the years Gear Aid products have become a versatile and reliable part of our favorite outdoor equipment. Products like Tenacious Tape and Aquaseal, as well as a collection of widgets like tent pole splints, hip belt buckles and the like have allowed us to stay outside doing the things we love even when our beloved gear and clothing breakdown. But don’t think these folks are in the business of making band aids – these products are bulletproof and offer permanent fixes in real time; not after you’ve safely made it back home.


For the last half of 2016, Gear Aid is branching out in a new direction with some products that are aimed at keepingus outside even longer. That’s when they’ll introduce a line of powerful, portable, and weatherproof lights designed to work as hard as you’re willing to play – and then some. The line-up features three USB rechargeable lights in total: The SPARK, the ARC, and the FLUX. What makes these LED lights unique (besides their great utilitarian design) is the their ability to use GoPro mounts, custom-built RAM mounts, and pretty much any other mount that utilizes a ¼’ threated post to fasten. This feature expands the versatility of these lights well beyond your standard headlamp and flashlight and makes them more of a hands-free necessity than a trail tchotchke.

GA SPARK angle

Diving deeper into the technical specs of the line, both the ARC and FLUX are being touted as rechargeable lights and power stations, as both have the ability to not only light up the night, but they can also recharge your electronics while doing so via each units internal Li-ion battery. To give you an idea of this feature’s effectiveness, Gear Aid claims that the Flux can recharge an iPhone up to 10 times and the ARC up to 5 times. If that’s not enough, all three lights have various different power settings and the ARC and FLUX also feature temperature settings so you can really fine tune your illumination. All of this allows the user to curtail the battery life of each unit based on their own specific needs.

GearAid ARC Ram mount

Announced only a couple of weeks ago at Outdoor Retailer, all three units are available now through Gear Aid’s website and range in price from $49.95 to $149.95 (mounts are sold separately and are not currently up on the site). We’re doing our best to shake out a few test units to take out on an adventure and put through the trials and tribulations of proper gear testing in a real time environment. Just like everything else we test, we want to see how far the SPARK, ARC, and FLUX go before they scream “Uncle”, although it seems like these bad boys might just tucker us out first. The whole experience should be – wait for it – enlightening.

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