Have You Ever Wondered What a $700 Axe Looked Like?

Have You Ever Wondered What a $700 Axe Looked Like?


As someone who is always looking to minimize the number of tools that I carry with me on the trail – without having to sacrifice functionality – it is hard not to be intrigued by the Multi-Mission Axe from Outland Equipment. After all, this tactical terror features a 3.9” blade that flows seamlessly into the handle, and includes both a pry bar and strap cutter, all carved out of a single piece of steel. As if that wasn’t enough, a replaceable hammer is bolted to the back of the axe head as well, and multiple hex nut tool sizes are positioned throughout the Multi-Mission’s body too.

Made in New Hampshire, the Multi-Mission Axe tips the scales at just under 3lbs, and is forged out of S7 tool steel. This gives it a surprisingly high level of shock resistance, making it the right choice for chopping, hammering, and prying. Additionally, all of the steel has been certakoted as a secondary line of defense against corrosion and abrasion.


Outland even gave the axe a set of G10 handle scales, which have been contoured and shaped to aid in the ease of use. This material provides the user with a tight kung-fu grip when operating the Multi-Mission, making it much safer to use in just about every way imagineable.

Looking at the price tag – which is just shy of $650 for the 15” version and $700 for the 19” version – I would only recommend the Multi-Mission Axe to the true diehard who spends most of their time surviving in the wild. This isn’t simply a tool for the weekend warrior, although if you’ve got the money – this axe would make an awesome addition to any gear closet.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go run this purchase past my wife – who will no doubt point to the room full of other tools that I’ve already purchased after “running it by” her. Wink, Wink.