The Daypack and Dry Bag Come Together at Last

The Daypack and Dry Bag  Come Together at Last


Boreas Gear has introduced a new line of waterproof backpacks designed to be as functional and comfortable to wear as a daypack, but provide the same level of protection from moisture as a drybag. These packs are capable of keeping your important gear, and other supplies, completely dry in a rainstorm, and are meant for use in watersports too. They feature double-hulled construction designed to repel water, a roll-close waterproof skirt, drainage pockets on the sides for storing wet clothing or other items, and a reflective print that increases visibility in low-light conditions. 

The Waterproof Series includes two packs that share nearly identical feature sets, but come in different sizes. Both models incorporate design elements found in other packs from Boreas, but use waterproof fabrics to provide a level of protection from moisture that isn’t available elsewhere in the line-up. The packs come in two different colors – Lava Black and Canyon Blue – and are available now. 

Mont Bla1

Monterey ($164.99)
The larger of the two waterproof backpacks is the Monterey. It features 35 liters of storage, which makes it just about the perfect size for long day hikes in wet environments such as those found in Pacific Northwest. Alternatively, it would also make an excellent dry bag for use on kayaking or canoeing trips as well. The pack weighs 2lbs, 3oz, and promises to keep all of your important gear safe and dry, even when conditions take a turn for the worse. 

Echo B1

Echo ($139.99)
The 25-liter Echo is meant to be used as a waterproof commuter bag, a small travel pack, or a daypack for light-duty use on the trail. It is nearly identical to its big brother in terms of features and design, although the Echo’s compact size will certainly appeal to those who prefer to go lighter and faster. This pack tips the scales at 1lb, 12oz, and provides the same level of waterproof protection as the Monterey, just in a more compact form. 

To checkout either of these backpacks, as well as the entire line of products available from Boreas Gear, be sure to drop by the company’s website at