Finally, a Collapsible and Portable Hot Tub for Camping

Finally, a Collapsible and Portable Hot Tub for Camping

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A company called The Original Nomad has taken a mad idea and made it into reality. They have successfully developed the first portable camping hot tub. And not a moment too soon, as our non-hot tub camping trips have got to come to an end, especially during backcountry skiing season.

For those of us who have reached remote hot springs, there is just no way to describe the pleasure of dropping your pack, stripping off days-old clothes, and slipping into near-boiling water that releases the cumulative tension in all your aching muscles. This is especially amazing in cold climates and, despite whatever opinion you may have about actually bringing the setup in on a hike with you, we’re pretty certain you wouldn’t refuse to jump in enthusiastically given the opportunity.

It’s ok, you’re allowed to complain in the tub.

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The Backpacking Hot Tub is real, and not only that, it actually weighs in at a tempting portable weight for serious consideration. The total system weighs 50 pounds and fits into a 14x16x30 inch included duffel bag. 

The tub is made of sturdy vinyl and opens up to 60 inches in diameter and 24 inches in height with a capacity for 100 gallons of hot, relaxing water. The vinyl is designed to be used on the types of abrasive ground you’ll encounter outdoors. The walls are made of 18-oz. weight vinyl, meaning 18 oz. per square yard, and the bottom is a much tougher 24-oz. weight vinyl to withstand the weight of the water and people standing on the bottom.

How do you get it hot? The proprietary solution is a large 1.25-inch stainless steel coil that plugs into the side of the tub. This coil is made to be burned, and what we mean is that it sits over either an included propane burner flame (pfft), or a raging campfire (yeah!). Once it’s set up, the coil can heat your 100 gallons to 105 degrees in 2 to 2.5 hours in 50 degree weather, or 3 to 3.5 hours in 40 degree weather. 

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Now, obviously the Original Nomad Collapsible Tub and Coil have some common sense rules. 

First, vinyl obviously melts, so you can’t have your next annual bonfire powering your dip. Second, unless you want to go for that epic Instagram “how did they do it” photo on top of a mountain by the edge of a cliff, set up your tub next to a water source where moving 100 gallons one bucket at a time won’t break your back, or your desire to soak. By the way, there’s an included pump that is capable of filling and draining the tub in 15 minutes each way. Third, make sure to stack a good supply of firewood within arms reach; you don’t want to be running around the snowy woods in your skivvies on the verge of hypothermia looking for more wood.

All that said, while we don’t recommend making the outdoors resemble the indoors, this sounds like a fun novelty item for an outdoor outfitter to make available to their guests. 

You can find the Collapsible Tub and Coil combo for $700 here

Of course, you should immediately contact us when you order so we can, uh, help you perform valuable outdoor related testing and research. Especially in this winter.

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