Tecnica Magma Review

Justin Nyberg
March 18, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

Far more protective than average trail runnerFar more "runnable" than a hiking shoeGenerally secure fit - locks in tightly for excellent agility and responsivenessBomber outsoleGood ventilation

The Bad

Narrow, performance fit might squeeze some feetAbrasion showed up quickly on liner of heel cuffRuns best in technical terrain - a little clompy on flat trails

I was truly impressed with the Tecnica Magma. I do a lot of running shoe and hiking shoe testing -- I typically test all of the trail and road running shoes from every major brand each season. I rarely test Tecnica shoes, so I wasn't sure what to expect, and I kind of let these sit on the shelf for a couple weeks. The first time I got them on trail, I was bummed I had waited. For a while, I've been looking for a good hybrid trail shoe -- one that feels protective on the rocky trails around my house in Aspen but also runs well. I'm constantly running over really heavily used, eroded trails that require a lot more underfoot protection than an average trail running shoe can deliver. As soon as I started running with the Magma's, I noticed they felt a lot lighter and more nimble than you'd expect from a trail runner with the kind of burly, underfoot rock protection these offer. These shoes are built with a running shoe upper -- with lots of mesh -- and a a full length Vibram rubber outsole. The lugs are fairly deep - maybe 4 millimeters -- but they are also densely spaced and flat, so they feel great on stretches of pavement. The midsole is firm, stiff and responsive -- not a squishy, flimsy foam sole like you'll find in most trail runners. That may feel stiff for casual runs on flat, groomed paths, but it's amazing on steep, rocky trails. You need that extra stiffness and support when you're running across the tops of embedded rocks and tree roots. There's also a nice, stout toe bumper and thick tongue to relieve lace pressure. The fit is narrow - maybe too narrow for some people. I have a very narrow foot, and even I felt a little cramped. The upside is the fit is really secure and responsive. You don't feel much sloshing or foot movement in the Magma except on the very steepest downhills. The downside of a performance fit is it can get bit tight if you run a long time in them. For runners doing efforts longer than a couple hours, you might find these a bit constrictive when your feet start swelling up a bit. One very minor note: I noticed a little bit of abrasion on the top of the heel cup, which happened almost immediately. That fabric is not very durable, but thankfully, it's not really in. high wear zone. Overall, I really liked the Magma. It felt like a bullseye for a high-performance trail shoe you hike with, run with, and live in. I wish it was just a little wider in the forefoot but while retaining it's locked-in fit. There are very few trail runners that I'd both I'd carry a moderate backpacking load in and run 20 miles in the mountains with. This is one of them.
MSRP $140.00