Salomon Index 01 Review

Jeff Tissue
April 15, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

Soft UpperFit

The Bad

ClonkyHeavy solePrice

The Salomon Index 01 is an everyday trainer from Salomon that is made to be reycled. To be super honest, I may recycle it sooner rather than later. I think at the end of the day it felt like two different shoes and there was no synergy where those two worlds met. I didn't love the shoe as a whole. Although there were some aspects that I thought worked for it, which I will definitely talk about.

I felt myself reaching for this shoe as an option to head out on errands, take my dog on the walk, or get a short run in. They have a comfortable fit and the upper is really light, breathable. You can see on the sides that there is very little material for the upper which lets that feel airy. Becauase of the flexible upper it felt pretty roomy.

While the fit was on point, the overall ride experience is where the shoe lost its appeal for me. The upper is super light and the sole felt clonky and like there was too much weight there. This destracts from it being a shoe to workout in or race in. It felt like two different shoe experiences and therefore I really did not enjoy many of the runs I did in this shoe.

When thinking about spending $200 on a shoe for running, this would not ultimately be at the top of my list. So many shoes are offering a lighter weight, faster feel, and around the same pricepoint.

MSRP $150.00