New Balance RC Elite V2 Review

Jeff Tissue
April 15, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

Carbon PlateFoamWeight

The Bad

Wide toe box

Of the shoes I got this spring to test out, the New Balance RC Elite 2 is the one I keep coming back to and the one I have been most excited about! The New Balance RC Elite 2 is a carbon plated shoe with a ton of soft foam that creates a super fun, smooth ride. I have run slower and faster miles in this shoe. Great for different purposes including long runs, workouts, races, and slower/easier days. I think you can really find a solid rhythm in this shoe.

The upper is knit, comfortable, breathable, and has plenty of room in toe box and midfoot. Holes in the front add to the breathability in the upper. Really comfortable for a racing shoe - not too narrow. I think this has been an issue for me with some of the other carbon plated racing shoes. No issues with heel slip in part because of the padding in the heel collar. The fit is true to size.

There is a little more stack height which adds some weight to the shoe. In my opinion this is negligble and certainly worth it for the experience you get wearing the shoe. It is bouncy and has a ton of cushion. The shoe offers you a ton of pop and you see it in the aesthetics of the shoe with the U shape of the shoe. You feel it propel you forward.

MSRP $150.00