Dynafit Alpine DNA Review

Lou Brenner
April 15, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

A secure race shoe fit that gives confidence on technical terrainVibram Megagrip combined with aggressive lugs makes traction unbeatableResponsive firm midsole is protective, light, and fast. Upper sheds water very well

The Bad

Sizing is quite small, at least 1/2 a size. No built in gaiter hooksA bit of a harsh ride if not really pushing the pace No heel loop


The Dynafit Alpine DNA is a race day, mountain running machine, Its is slim waisted, responsive, and secure. It lacks much comforts, but it makes up for it inspiring performance when running fast over technical and steep terrain. The design and look of the shoe is undenaible inspired by the Salamon Sense S/Lab, which is a great shoe to immulate. Its bright red with bold neon branded font  make its presense known at the starting line of a race. The aggressive color pairs well with the aggressive nature of the shoe.  For any technical trail race with vert and rocks that is under 30k, this would be a very wise choice.  Comparing this shoe to others, its the complete oposite of the Superior 5. Its similar to the Topo MTN Racer but more structured and secure in the upper. 



The fit is racing flat slim, with just enough toe room to be tolerable. The shoe runs very small. I typcially am roomy in an 11, I received these in 11.5 without any room to spare anywhere. For a short racing shoe 1/2 marathon and under the fit is perfect. For anything longer or slower, I would choose elswhere.  



Dynafit put a firm and responive midsole on a  narrow last with a secure structured upper that breathes well. The heel to toe drop is a bit abrupt but it really encourages tempo and helps push the pace forward.  The midsole is contoured deeply under the arch and the lateral torsion is rigid from the midfoot to the heel. This shoe requires precise foot placement because there is no give on tight turns or changes in pitch. It rewards aggressive lines by keeping the foot secure despite the torque applied when pushing hard. 


A thick but flexible tpu rand protects the foot all the way around, while the firmness of the midsole and the deep lugs protect from most objects underfoot. The traction of Vibram Megagrip is renowned and for good reason. These shoes perform well on steeps and mud. They drain water well and protect the foot from sharp rocks. The upper and lower of this shoe balance very well, creating a coesive secure package that compliment each other without feeling clunky or rigid, unlike the Topo MTN Racer, which has a poor pairing of upper and lower, the upper being too sloppy when compared with such a firm stiff lower. The foot moves around a bit much because of the give of the upper. 


MSRP $150.00