Altra Paradigm 6 Review

Justin Nyberg
March 18, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

Massive cushioning with moderately crisp reboundLight, quick turnoverEasy-going, comfortable ride

The Bad

Big midsole means less energy efficiencyToebox is wide but low--you'll feel the fabric on the tops of your toes.Not all that exciting in any particular respect

The Paradigm 6 still uses the same formula all prior Paradigms delivered -- a massively cushioned, easy-going ride and a wide-open toe box. The weight is low and the turnover fairly quick. Despite the towering, soft midsole, these don't feel too sluggish on pavement or climbs. This may be a credit to the new "ErgoMax" midsole compound. It's been a few years since I ran in the prior Paradigms, but I remember them being a bit more sluggish. The Paradigm 6 had a somewhat crisper, more energetic feel. (Or maybe it's just that it was a beautiful spring day today -- I'm honestly not sure!). Even if the midsole is responsive, a shoe this thick and soft will never be a speedy or efficient shoe. These are always going to be best for easy-going cruises and recovery days. There is simply too much foam to jiggle around upon every stride. Altra has tried to help stabilize this shoe by adding a bit more foam along the medial heel. It seems like less of a medial most than an accentuated heel cup. I'm not sure it has much practical effect -- I didn't notice it.
MSRP $160.00