Rich Owings

Rich is editor of, the leading consumer GPS site in the U.S.

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About Rich Owings

A lifelong love of the outdoors and maps, combined with a serious weakness for tech toys, led Rich Owings to purchase his first GPS in 2003.

In those early days of handheld GPS, Rich started making his own GPS maps and doing crazy things like tethering his GPS to a PDA to display satellite imagery, all in an effort to find rarely explored spots in the remote wilds of Northern California. He ended up sharing that expertise in a book, GPS Mapping.

In 2005 he started, the leading consumer GPS website in the US, which offers GPS reviews, news, tips and tricks.

Rich’s favorite outdoor activities are mountain biking and hiking, preferably in a place so isolated that it has never been properly mapped. He also enjoys geocaching, snowboarding, technical canyoneering, craft beers and alt.anything music.